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A little over a week ago, I ran over to the Hair Cuttery where we all get our hair done to see our gal about my eyebrows.  My hair is naturally curly and most stylists do not know how to cut curly hair!  My gal is great at it and she does my eyebrows, too.   I can trust her with my eyebrows.  All I like is a little cleanup, no re-shaping, no removing of most of my eyebrows.

I was in a hurry and my gal had just gotten someone in her chair for a cut.  Her nice co-worker had also just gotten someone in her chair for a cut.  I could wait for my gal or I could have the 3rd gal, who was rarely busy (and for good reason, I would imagine) do them.  I hesitated.  “Wellllllll, as long as you can trust her to do a good job…,” I said to my gal.  “Oh. Yeah. You’ll be fine,” she said, with a look on her face I could not interpret at the time.  In hindsight, it was the same hesitant look on my face.  Did I mention this other stylist, who was rarely busy, was the manager?  My gal’s boss?

And all of you ladies reading this know exactly what happened next.  It happens every time we try someone new at a salon.  “I don’t want them thinned; I just want them cleaned up.  I can’t seem to keep up the maintenance with tweezers at home.”  “Keep same shape, right?” she asked.  “Yes!” I said with relief.  I closed my eyes, laid back and relaxed.

For some reason, instead of saying, “I’m all done,” or “What do you think,” she repeated poked me in the shoulder until I opened my eyes.  I sat up and looked in the mirror.  *sigh*  The shape of my eyebrows was no longer there.  She waxed off the tops and the bottoms, leaving less than half of them, and also used scissors to cut what was left close to my head.  :o/  There is nothing to brush – LOL!

Now, don’t get me wrong; a stranger on a street would think nothing of my eyebrows.  But to me they are shocking and abnormal.  I’ve seen plenty of eyebrows thinner than this out on the world.  But they’ll grow back and I learned my lesson.

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