Daily Archives: August 29, 2012

A Kindred Spirit

I’m giving my 1st private cooking lesson in less than half an hour, and we ran to the store to get some ingredients for the “class”.  Remember in my post Good Things Come In Threes, when I talked about receiving a compliment from a friend for always looking on the bright side?  Well, I met a kindred spirit in the cashier we went to, Karen.  Karen asked the gentleman who was 2 customers in front of me how he was.  He grumbled some complaint.  Karen responded with, “Well, if you’re not behind bars or 6 feet under, you’re doing pretty well in my book!”  LOL!  I could have hugged her for that!  The gentleman had no response.

Then when it was our turn, B got the dreaded question from Karen, “You’re not in school today?”  B responded, “I’m homeschooled.”  Karen said, “That’s great!  So you’re in school right now!  You’re learning economics and food safety and how to cook right here in the store.  What did you learn this trip?”  Another reason to hug Karen.  We all need a little Karen in our lives for some perspective!

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