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What a small world!

This morning, B and I joined some other members of our homeschool group riding on the Leesburg, Virginia Trolley.  I’ve wanted to ride on it for a long time but never did.  We had a great time.  We got on in front of the courthouse and rode the loop for about 45 minutes.

We were supposed to meet the other members of our group in front of the government center and I had no idea that was different from the courthouse.  There was another homeschooling mom who was waiting with her children at the same stop as us and we introduced ourselves.  As we chit-chatted to get to know each other, we talked about where we live now and where we used to live.  We started realizing we had some freaky coincidences in where we both previously lived – same city, same community, same street….same house!  She and her husband bought our house from us in 2003!  And that house is in another state!  We were both shocked!  What a pleasant surprise!

B was 7 months old when we sold the house and she and I laughed today about how I tremulously asked them at closing if they were going to leave B’s nursery as it was or were they planning to redecorate the room.  She looked like a deer in headlights when she answered back then.  I put her in a terrible position to either lie to sooth me or tell the truth and probably make me cry.  She hesitantly replied, “Weeeeellllll…we don’t have plans to have kids anytime soon….sooooo…”  The hubs removed me from the attorney’s office toot-sweet after that before I started bawling.  LOL!  It was cute to see B’s reaction and her oldest’s reaction when we told them that their very first bedrooms were actually the same bedroom in the same house.  What a small world!

Me and B

The trolley arrived at our stop and we were the only ones who got on.  However, all the other homeschoolers in our field trip group were waiting at the government center, which was the next stop.  It was a nice ride and I got to see parts of Leesburg I’d never seen before.  When we got off, the woman who bought our house and I exchanged emails so we could keep in touch.  I am so glad we went!

After the trolley ride, we had some errands to run, the temperature kept going up and we getting hot. We stopped at our community’s clubhouse to find out when the pool opened up since schools are back in session and were surprised to hear 2pm.  We were there when it opened and had the whole place to ourselves (well, and the lifeguards) until we left at 3:45pm.  It was an all around fantabulous day!

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