How It Went At The Doctor’s Office Monday

I’m sorry I did not update y’all yesterday on how I was feeling!  Still sleep deprived and we had a busy day that wore me out.  At the doctor’s Monday afternoon, the strep test was negative.  I asked him how accurate those fast strep tests are because I have a ton of friends who kids were sick last Winter, the fast strep said negative but when sent off to the lab, a week later they were informed their child indeed had strep!  My doc, and I love him and trust him very much, said that although the fast strep is not always accurate on kids, it is pretty accurate on adults.  I didn’t want to have strep, but it had been bothering me since last Winter and my doc will let me take up his time asking as many question as I like.
Since I’d been dealing with the scratchy throat since last Wednesday, he would be willing to give me an antibiotic if I wanted one.  It could be bacterial or viral.  If viral, they run for 7-10 days before getting better and mine had been getting worse for 6 days.  I do not want to be on an antibiotic unless it’s necessary, so I opted to wait it out and see if it got better.  He said if later in the week it was not getting better, I could shoot him an email and he’ll send the script to the pharmacy.  Isn’t he awesome?!  I love that I can email my doctor!  Also, I told him I needed to schedule an annual physical with them for both me and B.  He said, “Since you’re here, I’ll save you the trip and do it right now.”  So he gave me a physical and ordered the blood work I need to have done.  I just need to visit the lab in the next 90 days to have it done, when it’s convenient for me.  And, BTW, I have Kaiser Permanente.  A lot of people bash HMO’s, either because they had a bad experience or, mostly, because they hear bad things from other people and won’t try it.  But we’ve had great experiences since we signed up in 2005.  With the number of times B’s been sick, tested and to the ER, we have saved a TON of $$ with KP.  And I love listening to Allison Janney on their commercials, too.  :o)  Anywho, my two cents on KP.
My doctor also said that he’d seen nothing but sore throats for the past 2 weeks and a lot of them were allergy related.  The cooler than normal temps here in August were triggering the Fall allergens early.  After I got home, I realized that I had been outside a lot over the weekend working on a project and we’d had the windows open.  I also was not drinking as much water as usual because I was so busy.  So that night I took an allergy pill before going to bed. I still had to sleep upright, but I was able to fall asleep a few times for an hour or so – progress.  
Yesterday morning the temperature was 74 degrees, so I suggested we go for a bike ride.  I was exhausted after changing into my clothes!  But we went for a ride through the hood and then played with the neighbor kids when we got back.  We were out for close to 3 hours and I got me some sun.  :o)  I took another allergy pill after dinner and I was able to lay down all night!  Woohoo!  Now, I didn’t sleep all night through.  B had a nightmare, came into our room, climbed in our bed and the hubs went to B’s bed for the rest of the night.  B is an “active” sleeper, so I didn’t get much sleep after that.  But I am on the mend!
Monday after I got home from the doctor’s, I was so tired and had a headache from hell.  The hubs took care of dinner again, and made a fabulous pork loin with herbs from his garden:
Later today I will have three, yes three, leftover meals to share with y’all, one of them using the leftover pork loin!  Have a great Wednesday!


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