I feel like CRAP.

I didn’t sleep last night.  At all.  We had a full weekend of decluttering, cleaning and a DIY project that I can’t wait to share with you at the end of the week.  I was so ready for my bed last night but when my head hit the pillow, my throat started to burn.  I sat up and it stopped; laid back down, it burned.  I started coughing and clearing my throat to stop the burning, but it didn’t help.  And not heartburn burn; gritty-sand-rubbing-a-partched-throat burn.  I grabbed my pillows and went downstairs to the couch so as not to disturb the hubs.  I popped a Roccola in my mouth and laid down.  Nope.  No go.  I sat up all night.  Finally, just as the hubs was leaving for work around 6am, I dosed off.  Less than 2.5 hours later, I was startled awake by a big BAM!  B, who was watching TV, yelled, “It wasn’t me!  The cats are running around!  They did it!”  After inspecting the 1st floor, I found that the cats had jumped on the baker’s rack and a hardcovered cookbook had bellyflopped onto the kitchen floor.
My throat hurt, I sounded like a bullfrog and my head was pounding.  I cancelled B’s handwriting lesson today, called the doctor to get myself an appointment for this afternoon and sat down to have a pity party.  An hour and a half later, I finally stirred myself to eat some breakfast.  Thank goodness I made a fresh batch of Sausage Pancake Muffins over the weekend!  I just popped a couple in the microwave.
The boy has taken full advantage of my weakened state!  He talked me into a Star Wars movie marathon and Jiffy Pop for lunch.  :o/  At least Han Solo was able to pull me out of the pity party.  ;o)
BTW, during the kitchen decluttering, I decided it was time to bless someone else with my penis cake pan.  We’ve had some good times, my penis cake pan and me.  Brought many smiles to many a potluck occasion by making Crack Cakes in my penis cake pan.  It’s sad to let penis cake pan go, but I know it’s selfish of me to keep penis cake pan all to myself.  He was created to bring joy and delicious desserts to the masses, so it’s time for him to leave the nest.  Any takers?  No?  OK, I’ll just add it to the pile going to my parents’ October yard sale.
I hope y’alls Monday is going better than mine.  If not, I have a penis cake pan and Crack Cake recipe that will fix you right up!  No?  Than maybe you need a Han Solo, I mean, Star Wars marathon, too.

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