Leftover Wednesday, Part II

In addition to the delicious salad I made on Leftover Wednesday, I also made a peach cobbler for the hubs with the above spoiling peaches.  We got them at the farmers market last Saturday and they were at their use or lose stage.  I totally forgot to include the cobbler in the salad post, so I am doing so now.
This post will be a wonderful contrast to the salad post because the salad was so beautiful and the cobbler is….well…not so much.  LOL  But I want to share my triumphs and my failures in the kitchen to show it happens to everyone, I learned something and will do better next time.  See, I have a Culinary Arts degree.  I graduated 20 years ago and never worked in a commercial kitchen.  However, I have friends who are intimidated by my degree.  They’re afraid to have us over for a meal, worried nothing they make will be “good enough” for me or that I will criticize them.  So not true!  I’m just happy that someone else is cooking and doing the dishes!  ;o)  Anywho, I share my kitchen mishaps to show I am human, too, and we all make mistakes.
I showed y’all how I made a Blackberry Cobbler a couple of weeks ago, using Paula Deen’s recipe.  I’ve done the same with the peaches, only I used a smaller pan to make a thicker cobbler.  Because of the smaller pan, I should have done things differently and you’ll see why soon…
I peeled and chopped 2 of the peaches and simmered for 10 minutes with 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar.
Preheated oven to 350 and placed 1 stick butter in 9″x9″ pan.
Placed pan in oven and melted butter.
Mixed 1c. sugar, 3/4 c. self-rising flour and 3/4 c. milk and poured over butter. Do not mix!
Spooned simmered peaches into pan and then poured simmered juices into pan.  Do not mix!  And here is where I made a mistake!  I should not have poured all of the juice in the pan.  It was too much and bubbled over in the oven, leaving a mess and a smell.
 See the sticky mess over the top of the pan and down the sides after it baked?  The oven needed to be cleaned, as well.
Oh, well.  Lessoned learned.  I do prefer making this in the smaller pan and now I know to use only half of the juices.  But regardless of the fact that it’s not very pretty, it still tasted good!


  1. Bahar says:

    I ALWAYS use a baking sheet, sheet of foil or silicone mat under any cobblers/pies/quiches that may spill over. I do NOT want to clean after I just baked! lol I don't even want to think about what happened to your oven. 😦


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