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The Changing of the Mind

In May, B said to me, “Mom, I’ve changed my mind on what I want to be when I grow up.  A bounty hunter is too violent.  I think I want to be a dancer or a cartoonist.”  My reaction:

Hehehe.  His mind will change over and over again.  And not just during childhood.  How many of us adults have changed our minds or still don’t know what we want to do or what our calling is?  But whatever he does, I know God had a plan for him and he will do great things with his open mind and open heart.
Every November 1st, B announces what he is going to be for Halloween next year.  And every 10-14 days, he changes his mind.  Some years it’s a different costume every change, some years he goes back and forth between a half dozen or so costumes.  Well, this past November 1st, he announced he was going to be a crash test dummy for Halloween 2012, complete with nude-colored morph suit, and he has stuck with that idea.  That is, until two days ago, when he and the hubs were on YouTube and found several videos regarding homemade Transformer costumes.  Have you seen these?  I hadn’t but they are really cool!  If you go to YouTube and type in “homemade transformer costume” there are a ton of them!
Now B wants to make a Transformer costume, fold himself up into the vehicle form at each house he trick-or-treats at, have the hubs or I ring the doorbell for him and wait until the homeowner opens the door to transform and say, “Trick-or-treat!”  B has narrowed down his choices to two:
  1.  Fighter Jet
  2. Tank
I have decided not to stress over nor worry about his costume this year.  I told him if he wants to do this, then it is up to him to decide what materials he needs and to build it.  I have done it for 10 Halloweens and it is time to pass the torch!  I’ll let you know in November what happened…
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