Leftover Wednesday – Steak Soup

Once again, I found myself with leftover steak this week.  I also had leftover baked potatoes, but they got eaten by someone around here.  I didn’t even get to make any breakfast hash with the leftovers.  So, I made Steak Soup for dinner.  Soups are a great way to use up leftovers; I’m a big fan.  I use Simple Comfort Food’s Steak and Potato Soup recipe as my base but, as usual, I make modifications.  That’s the beauty of cooking – it’s an art – and art is subjective.  So we can change anything to our tastes, dietary needs and what’s on hand.

SCF’s recipe calls for adding the onion and garlic to a hot pan at the same time.  I rarely add garlic to a pan first.  It burns quickly; the smell is unpleasant and the taste will negatively effect your dish.  I’m allergic to olive oil, so I heated half butter, half Wegmans Basting Oil over medium heat and sautéd a whole Walla Walla Sweet onion, diced.  (So excited that the shipment of Walla Wallas arrived from my aunt in Washington!)

While my onions softened in the pan, I scrubbed and chopped the last of the carrots in the house (they were on their last legs so I was glad to use them up).  Because we buy organic carrots, I don’t peel them.  A good scrubbing is all they need and you get more good-for-you parts in your food.

While the carrots and onions were enjoying themselves in the pan, I peeled and chopped 3 good-sized white potatoes ($1.99/5# bag, that’s why I had white potatoes on hand).  I usually don’t peel potatoes, but decided to do it tonight because B does not like the peels and I did not feel like hearing about it.  I threw the potatoes in the pot and put the garlic on top of them.  There is now plenty of cushion between the garlic and the bottom of the pan to save it from burning.

The hubs’ tummy is sensitive to cooked tomato products so I don’t add the 1/2 cup tomato sauce called for in the original recipe.  Below, you’ll see my squirt of tomato paste.  I stirred that in and let it caramelize for a minute to add depth and flava!
Below, I’ve already stirred in salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce.  The author of the original recipe is so right about the worcestershire – it is key to the flavor.
Added in my diced up leftover steak and stirred…
…then added beef stock and brought it to a boil.  I did not add in the full 4 cups of stock, probably 3 or slightly more than 3, just enough to cover everything in the pot.  Since it cooks for a while with the lid on, more liquid will be created.
Yummy Steak Soup served up with fresh, homemade bread; it doesn’t get any better than that!
Oh, yes, it does – I had enough for a freezer bag full of leftovers.  :oD

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