Giveaway: More Time Moms Family Organizer 2013

Pictures in this post are of my current 2012 calendar.
This calendar is one of my favorite things!  I’ve been using it for the past 7 years and it’s the best calendar I’ve tried.  The best feature is that it is plain old heavy paper, no glossy print paper.  So you can write, erase and re-write with ease.  The 2nd best feature is that every day has a large, lined space.  Plenty of room for me to jot down activities and menus for each day.
In the back, you’ll find a page for important numbers and the 3rd best feature, IMO, stickers.  When my calendar is full of writing, it can all blur together and inevitably, something gets missed.  Also, when the hubs or B look at the calendar full of my pencil writing, their eyes glaze over and they see nothing.  These stickers get everyone’s attention and make activities stand out.  There are stickers for:


  • Sports
  • Important
  • Birthdays
  • Special Days
  • Parties
  • Volunteering
  • Back to School
  • No School
  • 1/2 Day School
  • Picture Days
  • Field Trips
  • School Events
  • Hair Appointments
  • Meetings
  • Car Repair Appointments
  • Special Evenings
  • Veterinarian Appointments
  • Activities
  • Dentist Appointments
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Mom’s Time
  • Dad’s Time
  • Guests
  • Anniversary


And my 4th favorite feature is the sturdy pocket in the back.  When an invitation arrives in the mail, I put the name and time of the event on it’s date and put the invitation in this pocket.  If there is a form or permission slip that we need to take with us somewhere, it goes in the pocket.  Otherwise, they will get lost in the black hole that is my home.  When it’s time to go to the event, I know right where the invitation is, with the address of where we’re going, and we are all set to go!  It’s a 16-month calendar, September of one year through December of the following year, perfect for keeping an entire school school year in one place, if your school year falls within those months.

Now here’s the best part: I just ordered myself the Spetember 2012 – December 2013 More Time Moms Family Organizer and I ordered another one to giveaway to one of my readers!  Winner must have a Continental US shipping address.  There are 3 ways to enter: 1) leave a comment on this post, 2) like my Facebook page, or 3) follow me on Twitter.  Make sure you leave separate comments if you like me on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter to get more chances to win and don’t forget to provide me with contact information.  Entries must be received by 11:59pm ET, Tuesday, July 24th, 2012.  Winner will be announced the next day.  Good luck!


  1. Rachel M. says:

    Similar in design to the FlyLady calendar I usually use, but this one looks more fun! BTW, I love the series on why you guys are still together – makes me sit and think about the same things for us (22 years now!). Congrats!


  2. Kelly C. says:

    I am in dire need of some organization. I feel like a momma drowning while working FT, opposite shift from hubby, with two little ones : ) I'm sure people can relate these days! Thanks so much for the chance.reporterkc at hotmail DOT com


  3. Betsy says:

    Please enter me in this giveaway. Love this calendar. I hate those glossy papers too. I have to use a Sharpie so it stays on the page. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Betsy


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