I can’t sleep.  I’m up watching a movie and surfing Pinterest.  My cup was empty and I went into the kitchen to refill it.  As I approached the fridge, I stepped on something that went, “Crunch.”  *sigh*  Is it a piece of cat food or something B dropped, I wondered.  I look down, and it was this:
HOLY CRAP!  I just killed a bug with my bare foot!  And bug killing is “men’s work”!  I turned around, grabbed a paper towel and turned back to the bug.  The mother fucker was walking away.  (As I type this, I keep running my hand over the right side of my neck because I feel like something is crawling on me!)  I scoop him up with the paper towel and squish really hard until I hear multiple crunches.  Before tossing him in the trash, I opened the paper towel to ensure he’s dead.  I sighed in relief and turned to the sink to wash my hands and found this:

(Please don’t judge me by the crud on the wall behind the sink.  There is only builder primer on the kitchen walls; the owner never painted a semi-gloss and there is years’ old shit in that wall.)  I am so proud of myself for not screaming bloody murder.  But I did jump and clutch my heart, though, waiting for it to restart.

I can just hear the hubs now, “And that’s what you get for staying up late!”  It’s a good thing he doesn’t read my blog.  If he finds out he’s right about something, it will totally goes to his head.

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  1. Jess says:

    While on vacation this past week with the in-laws, the hubs told me that the spider I took a picture of was a POISONOUS Brown Recluse Spider! He had killed 2 before I saw this one and didn't tell me because he "…didn't want to upset…" me.


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