Leftover Wednesday – Impossible Bacon Cheese Pie & Salad

We have 2 trash pickups per week – Mondays and Thursdays.  On Wednesday nights, we clean out the fridge.  We used to toss any leftovers that had not been eaten by Wednesday, but I am getting better and better at using them up.  So, I am challenging myself to start a new series – Leftover Wednesday – where I will post what I made for dinner that night, using up leftovers in the fridge.  Tonight, we had Impossible Bacon Cheese Pie and Salad.

Have you ever had one of Bisquick's Impossible Pies?  If not, than I am happy to introduce you to them!  And if you don't eat gluten, there are GF baking mixes out there you can substitute for the Bisquick, store brand or homemade baking mix of your choice.  I know what your thinking – what is an "impossible" pie?!  It's crustless.  You are making a "pie", or more accurately a quiche, without a bottom crust.  You put your pie "filling" into your dish and then pour over it a mixture of beaten egg, milk and Bisquick.  It's the addition of the Bisquick that allows your pie to stay together.
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  1. Krista says:

    I use EVERYTHING in Impossible Pies, I've been making them for longer than I want to admit…but since I was in my teens! Some of my favorite combos are: chicken/broccoli/cheddar cheese, pepper/onion/tomato/swiss cheese…which also makes a lovely side dish with a grilled meat main course and leftover taco-seasoned ground beef/banana peppers/4 cheese mexican blend. I have also made it with JUST cheese and nothing else and it was still tasty. This has been my go-to use-up-the-leftovers dish for a very long time, you name it and chances are I've used it in an Impossible Pie at some point…I've even done them with bits of salami and american cheese when cleaning out the cold cut drawer, lol. Ok, now I'm totally craving one of these, lol.


  2. Jess says:

    Nice to find someone who has been making and enjoying these as long as I have! I love your cold cuts drawer idea. The spinach and parmesan is my potluck brunch go to. Always a hit.


  3. Jess says:

    Depends what I have on hand, but usually frozen. If I have fresh spinach on it's last legs, I'll steam it and use that. I saw a new spinach one with feta instead of parmesan on Betty Crocker's website, last night.


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