What did we do with all those strawberries?

Why, we made jam, cake topping, a smoothie ingredient and attempted drying them!
First of all, we made strawberry jam.  I've made this the past few years with strawberries and blueberries and it's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.  But this year, B made the jam!  OK, not completely, but I did not do it all myself, so I am happy to give him props.  I love freezer jam because it is fast – it involves no cooking!  I hulled the strawberries and then B crushed them with a potato masher, added a Ball's freezer jam packet of pectin and some sugar and then stirred for 3 minutes.  That's it!  Then B ladled the jam into the Ball jars that my Nana and Papa used to can their own garden's bounty, I put the lids on them and off they went to the freezer.  They last 12 months in the freezer and 3 weeks once you move them to the fridge.
A year and a half old video I took of B finding out that he was going to DisneyWorld for the 1st time aired on America's Funniest Videos last night.  We had a "viewing party" – invited my parents and my brother over to eat dinner and watch B cross something off his Bucket List at 9 years of age.  My mom made a pound cake for dessert.  I hulled some more of the strawberries we'd picked and just mashed them up with my potato masher.  We served it over the pound cake, vanilla ice cream and pound cake topped with vanilla ice cream.  Did I mention my mom brought a can of whipped topping, too?

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  1. Krista says:

    I did strawberry milkshakes with ours too! Frozen strawberries, vanilla ice cream, a splash of milk, blender & lots of noise, tall glass topped with whipped cream with two straws tucked in it, soda shoppe style 🙂 E. took a drink and rolled her eyes upward and she smiled around her straw…when the suction was finally broken so that she could speak, she declared, "Oh man, I LOVE strawberries!" lol


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