Easiest. Best. Man Dinner. Ever.

The hubs is one of those people who can eat fresh tomatoes, but cooked tomatoes give him heartburn.  That makes it challenging to make dinners on a budget or make quick dinners for our family since he and I are now both working full-time but on opposite schedules.  Most budget meals involve a tomato base with various ingredients.  *sigh*  I love tomato products – tomato sauce, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, ketchup, pizza and I make my own spaghetti sauce.  None of which, agree with the hubs’ tummy.  So here is my easy-breezy, go-to meal for him that both me and B will eat.
Take a 16oz pkg of frozen meatballs and dump it in a crockpot (this fits perfectly in my 1.5 qt one.)
Pour a can of beef gravy over the meatballs.
Put the lid on, turn to high and set a timer for 1 hour.  That’s it.
Once done, I put them in a Tupperware container for the hubs to reheat tomorrow.   He’ll make rice or noodles to serve them over with a veg on the side and be in hog heaven.  I told you it was the easiest!

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