Our Weekend

Here we are at Disney On Ice.  We all look ridiculous and psycho and imperfect and I wasn’t going to post this picture because, honestly, I didn’t like that I squished my face back into my neck and I look all doubled-chinned.  But, this is us!  We are ridiculous and psycho and imperfect and we wouldn’t have each other any other way.


I had a wonderful weekend with my 2 favorite people in the world!  We went to Disney on Ice, built with LEGOS, snuggled, ate, watched movies, listened to music, danced and laughed.  Oh, how we laughed!  We should have our own reality show b/c we are hysterical and the only one who would show their situation up in here is the 9 year old.

Saturday morning, B said to me, “I asked Daddy what the difference is between a vegan and a virgin.”  I froze for several seconds until I could get my eyes to blink again and looked at the hubs.  He smiled and nodded at me.  “What did you say,” I asked the hubs.  “I answered him,” he said.  “And what did daddy tell you?”  “Well,” said B, “I already knew what a vegan was.  I just didn’t know what a virgin was.”  “What’s a vegan,” I asked.  “Someone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy.”  I was impressed with his answer and afraid of the next one.  But I asked anyway, “What’s a virgin?”  “I don’t remember,” B replied.  I look over at the hubs, he grins, gives me a thumbs up, wiggles his fingers like he’s typing and points at the computer.  “Come on, get it up on your blog!  That’s good stuff, right there!”  B never remembers what the hubs says but everything I say goes in B’s ears and out his mouth.

Saturday and Sunday nights the hubs and I stayed up way too late, having heart-to-heart talks.  We haven’t had one is sooooo long since I’m working now and it was sooooo nice.  He told me that after 17 years he has finally gotten something through his head: I don’t like nor want things; I want memories.  And he realized B is the same way.  So, I will not be receiving anymore gifts from Best Buy or Advance Auto Parts.  Phew.  My 40th birthday is coming up and I am now completely relaxed and unworried about what he’s going to give me.  Because I was not relaxed and I was worried before our talk this weekend.  It’s nice to know an old dog can learn new tricks.  Even after 17 years.

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