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The LEGO table is currently a runway.  From left to right – the hubs plane, my plane and B’s plane.
B’s fabulous Lay N Go fits perfectly underneath the table.

As I stated in my last post, National Bubble Wrap Day, I wanted to make a LEGO Table for B for Christmas.  However, I went back to work outside of the home full-time on November 28th after 6 1/2 years of being a SAHM.  So I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to do for Christmas.  But last weekend, a friend of mine and I went to IKEA and I finally bought the LACK Table I needed to make B his LEGO table.  Making this table was a lesson in humility.  One I don’t think I would have received and accepted had I not gone back to work.  You see, I am not happy about going back to work.  I miss being a SAHM.  I miss spending all day with my B.  I miss seeing the hubs walk through the door at 2:30pm and all 3 of us spending half of our days together.  I miss reading to B at bedtime, tucking him in as snug as a bug in a rug and kissing his sweet smelling, sleepy head goodnight.  However, all these changes helped me to accept the imperfect, yet beautiful, LEGO table I made for B.

The hubs put the LACK Table together for me Tuesday afternoon and I made it a LEGO table Thursday morning.  I put all 8 LEGO plates on top of the table, touching each other, and tried to line them up in a square.  However, it was very difficult – they kept sliding off center, just a skoonch.  I got the “brilliant” idea to use LEGO pieces to bridge each plate and keep them together.  It’s a good thing I did!  I assumed that the plates should be glued to the table flush up against each other.  However, when I tried to put the LEGO pieces on top of 2 plates, flush was too close!  There actually needed to be a small space between each plate.  I’m so glad I thought of that.  Otherwise, B would not have been able to lock bricks in place across plates.  Here is a picture of the slight space between plates:

There isn’t much of a space between plates, but you can still see it.  And I was unable to lock those 10 LEGO pieces onto the plates while the plates were flush against each other.

I originally thought I would put Krazy Glue on each plate, one at a time, glue it to the table and then move to the next plate.  But just as I was about to detach a plate from the rest, I decided I could do all of them at once.  (shaking my head)  So, I carefully flipped all 8 plates over, outlined each one with Krazy Glue and then flipped them back over.  Of course, I got Krazy Glue on me, all over the table surface and wasn’t able to adhere the plates perfectly.  When I saw the smear of Krazy Glue all over the table, I thought I could clean it up.  Wrong!  I sprayed  some cleaner on one side of the table and wiped it up with some paper towels, leaving these permanent, white marks (they all don’t show up in this picture, but I can see them in person.):

While I was quickly attempting to wipe up the excess glue, the glue actually hardened.  When I flipped the plates, I did not get them in place perfectly squared.  They were crooked, and hardened that way.  You can see that they are not perfectly aligned in this picture to the left.  I started to get upset at myself about it, but then stopped.  No one is going to stop and study this table enough to notice except for me.  And even if they do, who the heck cares?  I brought B over to see it and he started jumping up and down and screaming in excitement.  “IS IT DRY?!  CAN I START USING IT NOW?!” he asked.  He loved it.  He not only had a LEGO table, but his Mama made it for him.  I. Was. Da bomb.  And I let it go that there was not exactly 1 5/8″ of red on all 4 sides of the table.  I actually think it looks great.  It isn’t perfect, but it serves it’s purpose, just like me.  It isn’t straight, but B loves it, just like me.  I’m able to accept that and be at peace with it.  I know that would not have been true last October, before I went back to work. Just one of the surprising blessings I’ve discovered from going back to work and turning our world upside down.  “Let go, Let God.”  :o)

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