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Plurp – Historical post originally written 10/15/08

B has this boy in his kindergarten class we’ll just call Plurp. (Any fans of Peep and the Big Wide World out there?) Plurp does not know his colors, his numbers, how to write, how to keep his pokey fingers to himself nor how to keep his mouth closed when it is appropriate to do so. The last 2 I would not normally fault a 5 year old boy for because, well, he’s a 5 year old boy. However, I volunteer in the classroom once a week and that mouth is running constantly in my ear and those fingers are poking constantly in my ribs and right arm while I am trying to work with 5 other children besides him. Oh, and I don’t fault him the 1st 3, either. Any decisions to not teach him these things before KG were not of his choosing. I just found it surprising, that’s all. I have heard the teacher speak with Plurp’s mom and try to get across to her that he is in school, not daycare or preschool, and that it is expected of him to pay attention, learn and actually do his homework every night. Plurp’s mom does not seem concerned or doesn’t see the necessity at this time despite the teacher’s insistence that in 1st grade, he will have to tow the line or else and now is the time to get him in the habit. Anywho, this is the 1st thing B tells me as soon as I picked him up from school today: “Guess what, Mama? Plurp’s dog is going to have a baby. And Plurp’s mom and dad told him that if he hits the dog with a hammer one more time, they will take the dog back to the animal shelter and they’ll kill her.” Plurp is not sitting next to me anymore in class!

My Draft Folder

I’m going through my blog this morning and finding I have quite a few drafts – thoughts I jotted down that I didn’t think were long enough for a full post.  So, I’ve put some of them together here.

I am getting my Thanksgiving baking and prep work done in the kitchen and put the movie Annie on for B to watch.  I am singing along in the kitchen and he is enjoying it.  Although, he dislikes Miss Hannagan immensely because, “she’s just a drunk, Mama!”  When Annie arrives at Mr. Warbucks house and they show Punjab, B said, “He’s a turban man!”  Watching Miss Hannagan in Annie reminds me of all the criticism that the movie Despicable Me got for the character of Miss Hattie who ran the orphanage where Gru got the 3 sisters.  There was an uproar that viewers would think all adults in charge of orphaned children are just like Miss Hattie. @@  There are bad people in this world and we cannot hide that from our kids.  Show them examples in a fun movie to open up dialogs, to learn about bad behavior and tell them that although there are some people who treat children like that in this world, most people do not.

B has a love/hate relationship with Taco Night.  Like most kids, he loves Taco Night b/c, come on, what kid doesn’t like to put his own meal together with his hands.  But the dislike part comes when we require him to put vegetables in his tacos.  He loves most vegetables cooked, but very few of them raw.  And the ones he’ll eat raw have to be served with a side of ranch dressing.  ;o)

You know, as shitty as corporate America has been to us citizens over the last 10+ years, I had a really good experience today (this was in October) and am thankful for it.  B received his Toys R Us birthday card with the $3 off a $3 purchase gift card.  I love the fact that it’s $3 off $3 and not $3 off a purchase of $10, $20 or even more.  They also sent ME a coupon for $5 off $25 or more.  I would normally buy gifts for B at cheaper outlets, but they has the most awesome goody bag items i needed to buy and I was able to use my $5 coupon.  Regardless of how much  Target and Walmart are cutting into TRU’s profits, TRU still has their birthday club.  My son can still go in there with his birthday card around his birthday, receive a birthday crown and birthday balloon and hear his name announced over the speaker that it is HIS birthday, and hear other shoppers who are strangers wish him “Happy Birthday”.  Those are the little things that mean the most to me and I am very thankful to TRU for that.

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