iPhone’s Voice Memos

I come up with a TON of blog ideas and thoughts to share with y’all throughout the day.  Unfortunately, I am never at my computer at the time and by the time I am at my computer, I cannot remember my fabulous ideas!  I’ve always come up with my best posts in the shower.  That’s the one place where me and my thoughts are uninterrupted.  I keep telling myself I need to install a water-proof tape recorder in the shower, but it has yet to happen.

However a week and a half ago, while sitting in traffic on my way home from work, I discovered a most wonderful utility on my iPhone – Voice Memos!  Although I cannot use it in the shower, upon discovery of this brilliant invention I was able to start recording random thoughts during my commute home from work.  Yeah!  Now when I actually get some time to sit down at the computer and blog, I’ll be able to remember what I want to say!  So, here are some random thoughts from the car…

  • love the sound of Steven Brown’s voice.  He tells 1 minute stories from his website, You Think About That, on one of the radio stations I listen to – WGTS 91.9FM.  I just went to his website for the first time, to get the link to post here, and saw he has a Facebook page.  I went to the FB page and saw his picture for the 1st time.  Not atall what I thought he’d look like!  Isn’t it funny how you don’t think twice about how most people’s voices match their looks when you hear them for the first time face to face, but when you hear them before seeing them it’s the opposite.  We all form a mental image, conscience or not, of what a person looks like based on their voice.  And we are always disappointed that they do not look like what we imagined.  Not that the actual person’s looks are “less than”; just that they are different than what we thought they would be.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with cover songs.  The artist I hear singing a song first is the one I always like best singing that song.  When I hear another artist singing that song, they have to put their own spin on it and I don’t like it.  However, the cover version is usually more enunciated than the original and I find out what the words actually are.  This happens a lot with covers of songs from the 70s and 80s.  For example, Open Arms by Journey; cover by Colin Raye.
  • There is one spot on my commute home where I actually don’t mind the stop and go.  It’s in front of a McDonald’s.  Their wifi extends out to the street and I can quickly check my Facebook and email accounts.  :o)
  • I’ve made a little sociology discovery during my commute home.  There is one very busy road in a very business, packed section of town that I must travel through.  There are many other roads and business driveways that intersect this road I am on, with many cars waiting to turn onto my road.  Now, if you are on a cross street with a light, I do not let you in; when your light turns green you’ll be able to do so.  However, I like to let people out in front of me from cross streets and business driveways where there are no lights.  Here’s my discovery: 9 times out of 10, if let a car come out in front of me, the car behind me will also let a car out.  If I donot let a car out in front of me, 9 times out of 10 the car behind me will not let out a car either.  Interesting….
  • I had a veela in my training class.  When I told B this his response was, “Really?!  Is she related to Fleur?”  “No,” I replied, “She’s an American brunette.”
  • So, B and I are on the 7th and last book of Harry Potter.  I read HP books out loud on my nights to put B down for bed.  The hubs and I used to switch off putting B down every other day.  However, during my 7 weeks of training I put B down more often.  I missed him all day and wanted to share extra snuggles at night.  Now that I am out of training and on my regular work schedule, I’ll only be here for B’s bedtime twice a week.  That makes me so sad, but….”eyes on the prize”!  Anywho, back to Harry Potter…once we finish the 7th book, that’s it.  No more.  We’ve been a part of all these characters’ lives for so long and now it’s coming to a close. I am focusing on the blessing of putting B down only 2 nights a week now.  It prolongs the inevitable farewell to Harry and the wizarding world.


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