Some Pictures of our 2011 Holidays

Isn’t B just adorable?!
He received the Rudolf nose and the Old-fashioned goggles in his stocking. He’s pretending to ride a motorcycle.
 I met my in-laws Christmas 1995, a couple of months after the hubs and I got engaged.   As we were leaving, my future FIL gave me his bomber jacket. He was a Navy pilot but this was his Civil Air Patrol jacket and I felt honored and accepted. Although it fit me, it’s pretty heavy, so I did not wear it often. This Christmas, the hubs put it on B for the 1st time. Now his is begging for one of those old, leather pilots helmets to complete this outfit.
B wanted a steel drum for Christmas. The hubs and I thought on it and decided he could have one and let Santa know we approved.  However, there is no professional in our area (actually, no one outside of Jamaica or Hawaii) to tune a steel drum for us over time. So, instead of giving B a steel drum andwelding equipment for tuning, Santa brought a keyboard, with a steel drum sound on it, instead. We think B will get much more use out of this than he would a steel drum.
I can’t wait to hear more concertos of his like the one he created in Vermont last August.
I saw this on Pinterest and put glow sticks in B’s stocking.  He LOVES taking baths and this one in the dark is now higher on his list than bubble baths.
A Christmas ornament B made at my parents’ house with old buttons, cardboard, gold paint and ribbon.
Not looking my best here without makeup and with my rosy cheeks and chin from a couple of drinks.  However, it’s me and my boy, in our sweats, celebrating NYE and I love it.  We were all in the same bed and asleep by 10:30pm.

I hope y’all’s holiday season was full of love and great food and I wish you blessings, good health and love in 2012!

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