Random Things

“Paid” was one of B’s words in October involving the rule of 2 vowels in a single sylable word usually have the long sound.  Anytime I said “paid” I couldn’t help but break into song with “Just Got Paid”, the N’SYNC version.  Ben watched me in awe b/c I know all the words and when I was done he said, “You’re cool.”  MY SON THINKS I’M COOL.

He cannot pronounce the Czech Republic correctly.  He says “Chess Republic” and I am trying very hard to be patient.  So, I told him to call it Check-Mate Republic in order to get the 1st word correct and then we will drop the mate and work on the spelling.
B says to me: “Spell How.  Add an I at the end and then a damn L.  Guess what you have?  Howie Damnel!  It’s Howie Mandell!”  Uhm, no.  It’s not.
He is now recognizing when he writes his numbers backwards and is correcting them immediately without me saying a thing.  :o)
I want B to work independently on certain things while I do something else.  He was writing a sentence and I got up to do something for 90 seconds.  I came back and he had not written a single letter since I’d been gone.  I asked if he was still thinking about what the rest of his sentence was going to be.  “No,” he said, “I know what I’m going to write.  I was just waiting for you to return.”  He wouldn’t write it w/o me there.  *sigh*
The following have nothing to do with homeschooling and are rants of my opinion:

If the reason for your divorce is your infidelity, I don’t think you should keep your ex-husband’s last name.  Go back to your maiden name.  I get that it’s a pain to change your name back, but it’s your fault it has to be done.  Keeping the name disrespects not only your ex-husband but also his new wife.

If the man breaks off the engagement, the woman has a right to keep the engagement ring if she chooses.  However, if the woman breaks off the engagement, and the man bought her the ring, she should return that ring.

I feel better haven gotten those 2 things off my chest!

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