Who does the internet say I am?

I’ve been looking online for two people.  People I have not seen nor spoken to in many, many years.  Every once in a while I do another internet search to see if any information pops up regarding them, so I can contact them.  But it never does.  So tonight, as I am searching for these two people again, I decided to do a search on myself, as well.  I think I make a concerted effort to protect my identity and I wanted to see if I was as absent from the internet as these two people I was trying to find.  Boy, was I surprised…

Not only was I dismayed to get accurate hits on me, I also got hits on ladies who are not me but have the same name as me.  And, as I am currently applying for work, I certainly hope that no prospective employer confuses me with the woman who:

  • is president of a “Cougars” club,
  • is listed on a find-a-grave website,
  • is a witch author,
  • has posted the details of her sex life on My Space,
  • recorded the minutes of a silent auction planning meeting in Canada,
  • is one of the many, many social network members who has “public access” to their individual pages and were all born 10 – 25 years before me!
Although I would not mind being confused for:
  • the Miss USA contender
  • the USDA analyst
  • the soccer star

The two lists, above, seem to mirror human perspectives – there are more bullets in the “negative” list than in the “positive” one.  :o(

Let me know what you're thinking.

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