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Who does the internet say I am?

I’ve been looking online for two people.  People I have not seen nor spoken to in many, many years.  Every once in a while I do another internet search to see if any information pops up regarding them, so I can contact them.  But it never does.  So tonight, as I am searching for these two people again, I decided to do a search on myself, as well.  I think I make a concerted effort to protect my identity and I wanted to see if I was as absent from the internet as these two people I was trying to find.  Boy, was I surprised…

Not only was I dismayed to get accurate hits on me, I also got hits on ladies who are not me but have the same name as me.  And, as I am currently applying for work, I certainly hope that no prospective employer confuses me with the woman who:

  • is president of a “Cougars” club,
  • is listed on a find-a-grave website,
  • is a witch author,
  • has posted the details of her sex life on My Space,
  • recorded the minutes of a silent auction planning meeting in Canada,
  • is one of the many, many social network members who has “public access” to their individual pages and were all born 10 – 25 years before me!
Although I would not mind being confused for:
  • the Miss USA contender
  • the USDA analyst
  • the soccer star

The two lists, above, seem to mirror human perspectives – there are more bullets in the “negative” list than in the “positive” one.  :o(

Twitter & Footloose

Twitter continues to confound me.  I have decided that there must be some kind of program people can run to automatically follow and/or post to accounts based on key words.  I know you can search for accounts to follow based on key words, but I have been followed by random people who seem to me to have no interest in what I am posting about.  However, some key word I have tweeted brought them to me.  After a week or two, though, they realize their mistake and leave.

For example, I tweeted a link to my blog post Elderly Drivers and Yelling Parents one night.  The next morning I see an email notification that I am being followed by a company that sells discounted auto insurance to the elderly.  I asked the question, “What is the difference between #Retweeting and #QuotingATweet” on Twitter one night.  No one answered me, but all of a sudden I had a high tech computer geek in DC following me for several days.  How do they do that?  And is there anyone who can tell me the difference between retweeting and quoting a tweet?!

OK, I’ve kept quiet about the Footloose remake up to this point, but no more!  I just saw a commercial with interviews of people walking out of the theater.   One girl said it was “better than the original”.  She didn’t even look old enough to be have been born when the original movie was in the theaters!  There ought to be an unwritten yet respectful rule in Hollywood that says, “Thou shalt not remake a movie until at least 40 years after its release.”

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