Although life goes so much smoother in our house when I make my two-week dinner menu plans, I don’t always do it.  There are constant peaks and valleys in my household organization.  I’m sure none of you have that problem.  ;o)  My valleys are due to laziness and procrastination.  Why do today what I can put off until…..oh, forget it, I don’t need to do it at all!  Even when I know the stress and pressure I will be under when my “Good morning! What’s for dinner?” daily call comes from the hubs all the way up to, “Oh, no.  Now I’m hungry for dinner and I have no idea what to cook!”

I have not made a menu plan since August and it’s been awful!  Last Thursday was grocery shopping day and I’m proud to say that I made a menu before going shopping and life has been much more pleasant since then.  (Well, except for the fever, sore throat, achiness and lack of sleep.  On that note, I got 5 hours of sleep last night!)  It’s also time that I started posting recipes again.  And by again, I mean start posting them here for the 1st time.  I used to post recipes frequently on my personal Facebook page, but haven’t done that in a while.  So, to keep me motivated to plan meals and cook at home, I’ll be posting some meals on my blog now.

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