Ten Things I’ve Learned at the Gym

  1. Not to envy skinny people anymore.  Just because you are skinnier than me, doesn’t mean you are happier than me nor that your life is fulfilled.
  2. Just because you dress like you know what you’re doing, doesn’t me you do know what you’re doing.
  3. Just because you are skinnier than me does not mean you are in better shape than me.
  4. Whether or not you have rhythm, coordination or musicality has nothing to do with the color of your skin.
  5. I need to get over myself and move to the front of the classroom instead of hanging in the back.  All the people in front of me who have no rhythm, coordination or musicality are messing with my game.
  6. Some skinny people walk out of classes with me just as dry and fresh as they looked when they walked in with me.  I just don’t get it.  Maybe some people don’t sweat but I think they aren’t working hard enough.  Cuz I see them just step-touching throughout class while I’m running and jumping all over the place.
  7. My face gets really red when I work out and only skinny people stare at me when it does.
  8. Even though they are going to the gym to exercise, most people circle the parking lot to get the closest space to the front door.
  9. Few colors are worn in the gym.  Black is #1, followed closely by grey and white.  Then there is some blue and pink/purple.  That’s it!  I stand out like a sore thumb when I wear my lime green shirt.
  10. Class instructors who care about me and cheer me on are what make me come back to the gym.  I have no motivation on my own and I am so thankful I have the wonderful ladies at my gym on my side.

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