It’s A Laaaaazy Daaaaay

I have done nothing today!  I am kinda achy, one side of my throat is bothering me, my left shoulder hurts like something is pinched, I have a headache and I’m tired.  Not that I’m having a pity party or anything!  ;o)  But today is grocery shopping day and we really need some food in this house.  I procrastinated on Facebook all morning long and then finally came up with my menu plan and grocery list.  Hey, I accomplished something!  But I could not bring myself to get dressed and go grocery shopping.

However, I did manage to gather the strength to drag myself and B off the couch, in our PJs, and go through the McDonalds drive-thru for some lunch.  As we were walking out the back door, B says, “It is legal for us to go out in public in our PJs?!” ( Note to self: must take Ben on the people-watching-visit-to-Walmart-after-midnight rite of passage.)

After lunch, we’re watching Family Feud.  A question was, “What would you do if you saw your husband flirting with the babysitter?” and one of the four answers was actually, “Beat up the babysitter”!!  I said to the TV, “Why would you beat her up?  The husband is the one doing the flirting.  It’s not her fault.”  B says, “Would you beat up daddy?”  No.  “What would you do if daddy was flirting with the babysitter?”  Nothing.  I don’t care.  I know where his heart is.

Then B floors me with this zinger.  “You know, mom, it’s not all the husband’s fault.  It’s only half his fault and half the babysitter’s fault.”  My jaw dropped.  Where the hell is this shit coming from?!  He goes on to say, “Women have this amazing, cosmic power to hypnotize men into doing things.”  WTF?!  I am recounting this story with the hubs and he decides to join in!  “He’s right, you know,” he bugs his eyes out at me, “They put us in a trance!”  Oh, boy.

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