A Very Good And A Very Tough Day Today

A local homeschool group I belong to had an outing today.  We were not originally able to go, but our plans today got cancelled so we were able to go after all.  Another mom in the group and I were trying to get our sons together and she was going to be at this outing, too.  Evidently, the boys hit it off b/c they stuck together during their activities and when it was time to go they hugged each other goodbye.  Yeah!  This boy is a hugger like B!  The other mom and I were very happy the boys bonded and plan to get them together again, soon.  That was the “Very Good” of our day.

Here’s the tough part…For the past 2 years, I have worked for an after-school care program in the afternoons and B is able to come with me for free (and we love it).  Our county started back to school this past Monday, so I started back to work, too.  Last week we were telling B that the public schools were starting up again and that I would be starting back to work and how fun for him to be back at the after-school care program.  But all he kept focussing on was, “Summer is over?!”  We have continuously reassured him that just b/c the public school system is back in session, his Summer is not over.  We are going away to the beach for a week in September and Summer does not end until September 22nd this year.  Plus, we have been teaching 3rd grade to him since July 11th, not even 1/3 of the way through Summer.

Ever since we got back from New England last week, B has been quick to tear up during our schooling.  Anytime I would correct something he did or I would ask him a question he didn’t know the answer to, he dissolved into puddles!  Both the hubs and I asked him what was wrong and what was he worried about but he kept telling us he didn’t know. Well, during today’s lesson, the truth finally came out as he sobbed in my arms.  He is worried if he does not do everything right at homeschooling that we will send him back to the public school system and he does not want to go back there!  My heart broke when he sobbed that against my shoulder!

I reassured him that we would not send him back to public school b/c of that, but he might go back to “traditional” school sometime.  I explained that students could go part-time to high school in our county and, if we were still HSing then, I woulddefinitely send him to public school for Biology and Chemistry.   I am not going to dissect anything in my house and this straight-A, goody-goody is ashamed to say she flunked Chemistry.  <:-O  I also told him that at some point, he may want to go back to public school and give it another try and his daddy and I would support him.  Hearing me say these things and seeing the earnestness on my face finally reassured him.  Phew!

When the hubs came home from work this afternoon, we headed to the pool.  There was only one dad and 4 boys there when we arrived.  B played with them for an hour and they left.  After that, the hubs played with B and I took a snooze on a lounge.  ;o)  So glad the day ended on the “very good”!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor Ben! So glad that you were able to reassure him, you guys are obviously doing a wonderful job with him if the mere prospect of going back to public school upsets him like that. I love your blog, I have re-read the one about your family never telling you about relatives passing away at least three times and I laugh harder every time! Btw, totally NOT laughing at dead relatives, just the way you found about it! ;). Keep writing, you're really good. – Kathy


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