Boxers and Grocery Bags

B and I are heading out to a wedding in New England tonight; the hubs is not going.  :o(  Last night I was getting together all the clothes that needed to be washed for the trip and, of course, I gathered my underwear.  I only have 9 pairs (note to self – add Hanes cotton underwear to the My Favorite Things page) so that should be plenty for the trip in addition to the pair I was wearing and one I would wear today.  Unfortunately, I could only find 7 pairs, including the ones I had on, and none were clean.  So all  pairs had to go in the wash to get me through the one week trip.  But what to wear in the mean time…  I can wear my 8 year old’s socks, but there is no way I can wear his underwear (I know this b/c curiosity killed the cat and I just had to go in his room and try them on. Fail.)
I decided to dig through the hubs’ drawer.  Past the boxers I found a pair of boxer-briefs and pulled them on.  The Heavens parted, light streamed through the bedroom window and angels sang, “Ahhhh!”  I have not worn a pair of men’s underwear since college and now, for the life of me, I can’t imagine why I haven’t!  They are so comfortable to lounge around in.  I wore them to bed last night with one of the hubs’ t-shirts and I am still wearing them now, as I type to you.  (Don’t worry, Iam going to get dressed once I post this and I will put on a clean pair of my own underwear.)
So, my message to you all is this: if you have not been wearing your partner’s underwear, give it a try.  You may like it.  And if you have been wearing their underwear all along, why have you not shared the benefits with me?!
I’ve previously talked about my love of reading obits in the local paper here.  Reading the June 30th paper made me very happy. It contained that rare gem of an obit that honored the entire life of one of our residents. I loved hearing about his professional baseball career, his uniformed and clandestine services to our country and his love of animals. Thank you, family, for writing that one. I know it was hard but it was a gift to so many.
I also learned a new word from the local paper’s crime report, “burglarious”. I know, I was skeptical at first, too, thinking the officer who wrote that police report was getting creative. But I looked it up at and there it was! So it must be a real word, right?
Teenage cashiers at my Wegmans are too cocky for my taste (yet another sign that I am getting old – chastising the young whipper-snappers at the grocery store).  They critique my purchases!  Who the heck are they?  I shop with reusable bags.  In addition to the carrying handles, they have little loops on the tops for the cashiers to place over a hook to hold the bag in place as they fill it in front of them.  Some of my loops are no longer there b/c the cats have chewed them off.  However, the cashiers has a big, flat surface behind them on which to place such bags and load there.  But I have had several teenagers tell me that I need to replace my bags b/c they cannot hook them on.  Whatever.  Last week when I went in, one teeny-bopper was bagging for the teeny-bopper ringing and out of my bag of reusable bags she pulls one from another grocery store.  She actually said to me, “Seriously?  I can’t believe you brought a Giant grocery bag in here.”  A Harris Teeter cashier, very jokingly, had said the same thing me once before and we laughed about it.  This little girl, however, was serious.  “Would you rather I shop at Giant with my Wegmans bags instead?  B/c if you do, I’d be happy to tell your manager how you feel.”  That girl straightened up faster than B does when the hubs gives him “The Look“.  “I see your point,” she said. “Besides, it’s just one bag, right?” I chose not to respond.  @@

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