My Sweet B

I have really enjoyed having my sweet B back since he left public school.  His moods are more even and although he will always be an emotional child (b/c he’s mine) he now cries instead of having full on tantrums.  Giving him predictable structure while honoring his personality and learning style has really caused him to relax, blossom and he’s really controlling himself.  Makes for a happy family!  I want to share 3 cute things that B said while we ran errands today.

I was standing next to the car pumping gas.
B: How come you use the regular instead of the supreme?
Me: The supreme is more expensive and my car only needs the regular.  Besides, I’m not a “supreme” girl; I’m just a “regular” girl.
B (in a pouty voice while looking down): I’m a “supreme” boy.
Me (grudgingly): I know.  Just like your daddy.

We were on on way to the bank and a song I did not recognize came on the radio.
B: Oh!  Turn it up!  I love this song!
Me: When have you ever heard this song?!
B: Long time ago, baby.  Me and this song?  We go way back.

We stepped up to the teller at the bank, and before I could say anything, B takes something out of his pocket and slides it across the counter to the teller.
B: Excuse me? How much is this shiny, smooth shell worth?  Can you take it so Mama doesn’t have to use her money?
I was speechless.  The teller, who had a baby earlier this year, got all teary-eyed and I could tell he just melted her heart as well as mine.
Teller: What a wonderful son you have there!  That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!
I had to agree.  *sniff, sniff*


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