Random Things

I have been trying to log in here and jot down random things that I want to blog about later, when I have the time.  I just logged in now to jot down some things B said to me this evening and realized I have 8 bullet points and really should just take the time to type.  There is not a cohesive theme throughout, hence the post title, but such is my life!  So here we go…

After replacing B’s chair at the kitchen table with a stability ball, he wanted us all get stability balls.  So we did.  There are 3 balls under the kitchen table and they remind me of Papa Bear’s, Mama Bear’s and Baby Bear’s chairs.  B rolls his ball into the family room to watch TV (although he usually ends up standing or bounces on and off the ball) and to play certain Wii games that he will actually sit for.  That ball under him has really made life easier.  I need to sit on mine more often b/c I really feel it in my back when I do.

B asked some big questions over dinner last Thursday.  How come God let 9/11 happen?  How come God does not come down and take out Bin Ladan since we can’t find which cave he’s in?  He had all kinds of suggestions for finding him.  Some have been done or are being done, some are not possible and although one of his suggestions is actually possible, it would destroy all life on Earth in the process so that’s a no-go.  It amazes me the things he absorbs and processes!  We had a good discussion but I know he is going to stew over it and come back again with more questions and suggestions.  I can’t wait.

I have gathered some great HS resources and materials so far.  We have tons for science, I have secured an Art teacher for him and keep going back and forth on purchasing a one year subscription to a website used at his school.  I received a message from my computer yesterday that I have just about used up all the space on my hard drive and I need to clear it out!  It’s all the free ebooks, and audio lessons and such that I have been saving.  I need to start organizing so I can transfer them to disks.  I have some really exciting stuff I want to do with Ben but I’ll need to keep myself in check and not do it all at once.  There is plenty of time.

B’s palate is getting smaller and smaller and the issue is texture.  It is so annoying!  I fear I will have to start pureeing more foods to get a variety in him.

B has obviously been thinking about HSing.  While I was cooking dinner tonight he said, he kept repeating, “I love being at home and I kinda like school.”  While getting him upstairs for bed he said, “I’m kinda excited about this HSing thing.”  Then, after I turned out the light in his room he asked, “Is there going to be homework at HS?”

I know that was only 5 things, but I combined 2, realized I had already blogged about 1 and then decided not to blog about another.  Not exciting, at all, but it’s done.  Phew!

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