The Results Are In…

A few weeks ago, I bought B a stability ball.  He had been standing at his desk or the kitchen table to do homework, but he is getting taller and he has to stoop over to do his work.  Then once he is stooped over, he leans on the table or desk and kicks his legs up in the air over and over.  The table is creaking and wobbling under his weight now.  I thought about getting those bed risers and placing them under his desk to raise it up, but his desk in in the living room and the hubs says B prefers to be in the kitchen with him.  I won’t put risers under the kitchen table so I bought B the stability ball.  What a difference that has made!  B “sits” on it to do homework and to eat all his meals.  But he doesn’t really sit; he bounces.  His upper body is still and he is completely focused on the task at hand while his lower body is bouncing away!  I wish I could get an extra ball for his desk at school…

B’s test results arrived today.  He got 76 out of 80 questions correct.  He definitely passed.  :o)  I knew he passed, b/c I checked the test after he took it.  But we have decided to have B finish out 1st grade at his school.  Ever since I told him that we would be HSing him in the Fall, he has been very happy at school.  He rarely has anything negative to say about school.  He bounds out of school all excited to tell the hubs about everything he did that day and about all of his friends.  I asked him yesterday why he thought he was so happy at school now and he said, “I don’t know.  I guess because I know I don’t have that much more to go?”  Interesting.  Does he feel like the pressure is off of him since he only has 2 more months to go?  Is he more relaxed since he has another option, that he doesn’t HAVE to go to school?  Whatever the reason, the hubs and I are very pleased that B is enjoying school so we want him to have the last couple of months.  We are very happy he will end his school experience on a positive note instead of being pulled out due to an unhappy one.


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